Susan Bunch Consulting, Inc - Evaluation, Planning, and Instructional Services
Susan Bunch Consulting "unofficially" opened for business in 2009 on a limited basis (nights and week-ends) with a few clients who were willing to "take what time they could get" for advice, brainstorming, "let me bounce something off of you", idea building, editing of work, connecting data to performance etc. Most of my clients were colleagues in Tennessee who trusted my good judgment and believed in my experience and expertise to provide guidance for their schools and districts and initiatives. 
In 2009, Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning (MIHL) secured my services to evaluate NCLB Teacher Quality Summer Institutes. The MIHL evaluations included: follow-up sessions on the weekends in the Fall and Spring in order to compare submitted proposals to institute outcomes, analyze pre-post test data, and capture participants' comments regarding institute impact on the quality of their classroom teaching.  This contract with MIHL has been renewed once again for 2014-15.
In April 2010, Susan Bunch Consulting became official and recognized by the Secretary of State in Tennessee and the Internal Revenue Service!
Location:    175 Davis Street
                   Lexington, TN 38351
Hours:        Appointments by phone, conference call, or on-site     
                  (nights and week-ends)
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